10 Minute Power Yoga to Burn Fat and Kick Your Ass

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything since I’ve been knee deep in training for my Kilimanjaro expedition coming up in a few months.  And while my primary training for Kilimanjaro is hiking/walking based exercise, I am always throwing yoga into the mix along to keep the core strong while balancing the whole thing out with some cardiovascular activities like jogging and cycling. Whew! 

Needless to say, between working full time, planning for this trip, getting fit and trying to have a tiny semblance of a social life, I am a big fan of power workouts and HIIT aka High Intensity Interval Training and this short (but deadly) power yoga video fits right into that schedule.

This is Sean Vigue and while I’ve only just recently discovered his YouTube channel, he has proceeded to instantly kick my ass with this insane (“insanity” is how he actually advertises this workout) 10 minute power yoga sequence. If you’re familiar with Ashtanga (my go to practice for about 6 years around a decade ago) you’ll find the pace of Vigue‘s workout to be familiar. I say familiar, but I hesitate to say ‘comparable’ because Vigue‘s 10 minute power yoga is FAST. Really, really fast and very intense.  It’s recommended that you watch the video once and then try to follow along.

Some poses you’ll find in this sequence:
Downward dog
Plank (often!)
Upward dog
Warrior 1, 2 and 3

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