10 minute yoga routine to tone your butt

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Here’s another one of our favorite short and efficient yoga workout videos that focuses squarely on toning your glutes, aka, your butt. Now while squats alone are probably within the top 5 exercises for toning your glutes, yoga provides a wide range of movement which is very important as well. This is a 10 minute yoga routine, so there are really no excuses for not following this butt-toning flow at least a few times a week.

A general workout is great for the entire body experience, but sometimes you want to narrow the focus and just give a certain region of your body a little extra attention. As well, while most of the yoga videos that we’ve posted are promoted as solo instruction, such as videos which include just one yoga teacher giving you, the viewer, one-on-one instruction, videos which include other students helps to recreate some of the in-class environment which is often so important for motivation while promoting a passive yet social experience.

The 10 minute butt toning video in question is from Floating Yoga School and is part of a longer class. Enjoy!

Here at PS, we feel that it’s very important to curate a vast variety of workout videos. So while it’s true that there is no perfect workout video, (and while many of the ones we’ve already posted come very close), when you scan the titles of these short workouts whether they be 15 quick minutes of yoga or 15 minute HIIT workouts or just a 10 minute sweat and stretch, they may appear to be quite similar. In fact, the reason why we post so many different videos is mainly because we know that it’s in our nature as humans to get bored and distracted quite easily. So for your own success in getting your butt toned or getting to an overall healthy stage, it’s integral that you always strive to keep things fresh. This is why fitness companies come out with a new workout series every few years: because after awhile, we will get tired of watching the same videos even though following the same one over and over will bring you the same results,  as long as you do the workout. Ah, this is the challenge of working out at home: It may not completely compare with working out in a class or within a gym environment, but you can shake things up and keep things interesting even if you can’t make it to the gym.

Happy workout!

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