Easy Yoga in 15 Minutes

15 Minute Yoga, Fitness, Yoga

Let’s get right to the point this morning and follow a 15 minute yoga flow to get you set up for the day. Beginner or expert? No worries, this 15 minute sequence covers the basics of yoga and will be beneficial to all yoga practitioners no matter your skill level.

This brief session also includes 2 minutes of meditation along with just a few minutes of guided and deliberate breathing (Pranayama) which will aid in centering you. As usual, we are always, always, coming back to the breath.

Some yoga poses you will find in this sequence:
Standing Forward Fold
Downward Facing Dog
Child’s Pose
Low Lunge
Warrior I
Warrior II
Reverse Warrior
Legs up the Wall
Shoulder Stand
Fish Pose
Spinal Twist

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