15 minute power yoga to build some strength, and wake you up

15 Minute Yoga

For our daily morning yoga routine we followed Candace‘s quick 15 minute power yoga before heading out to work today. I don’t recommend waking up, crawling out of bed and hitting the yoga mat right away, but if you can do a short warm up or even meditate for a few minutes, this 15 minute yoga flow is great followup and will energize you for the day.

This may be a short video but as we’ve seen, 15 minutes is just enough time to increase your heart rate and work up a nice little detoxifying sweat. Also worth noting is that this is not a beginner yoga routine so expect to be challenged while also building up some core strength. It’s a great way to start your day.

Some poses you can expect to find in this yoga video (in no particular order)
Downward facing dog
Upward facing dog
Crow pose
Mountain pose
Warrior I, II and III
Dolphin pose
Standing Forward Bend

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