Mid Week Detox Yoga

Fitness, Yoga

We do alot of yoga and if you’re familiar with the form, you’ll know that yoga comes in many different flavours. The problem of course, is that we often just don’t have time for a full hour long class. Even worse, when we want to squeeze in a quick workout of pushups or planks for example, we often rush and end up either doing an inconsistent set of movements or even going so far as to injure ourselves.

With a yoga video of set length, you already know what you’re in for: 20 minutes of organized, flowing yoga. In fact, if 20 minutes of yoga is too long for you, you can go as low as 15 minutes of yoga if you want, although I find that any less than 15 minutes of yoga isn’t really benefiting you much at that point. So, whatever your taste, this 20 minute detox yoga session will leave you feeling gloriously sweaty and stretched. Enjoy!

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