30 Minutes of Power Yoga to Kickstart Your Spring

30 Minute Yoga, Fitness

That’s right, winter is over and that means a psychological boost for just about anyone who’s has had just enough of the cold weather days. Some of us (don’t hate me) get along fine with winter but that doesn’t mean that we don’t also fully welcome the warmer spring weather with open arms and unzipped jackets.

Are you feeling energized yet?

If not, how about setting aside 30 minutes for this excellent power yoga sequence from the people over at Five Parks Yoga? When it comes to exercising and keeping fit, just about anyone should be able to find just 30 minutes in their day for either stretching, a P90X workout, or at the very least, 15 minutes of something with a bit more intensity. There simply are no excuses, so get off the couch, get off the internet (yes, stop reading this post right now) and get on your workout mat.

This workout includes a number of unconventional/uncommon twists and bends that really shook up the standard vinyasa practice for us. This yoga class starts off slow but it is actually very effective at building heat and strength and will have you sweating and feeling energized in minutes. Enjoy!

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