African Fuzz and Blues With Amanaz


amanaz africa coverSo, while grooving out on YouTube with Demon Fuzz last week, Amanaz‘s Africa popped up in the shuffle and before I knew it, I was deeply immersed in some deep 1970’s roots and groove psychedelic rock. This time however, we’re rocking out Zambian style.

Not to say that this is a “Zambian” album. Well, it is, sure, but it’s a bit of a departure from the “traditional” use of African instruments. In other words, it’s not quite what the layman (myself included) might expect from a band from Zambia i.e. there are no thumb piano solos or nyeele arrangements.

But if you dig 70’s psychedelic rock, this album has it all: light on the African roots but heavier on the funk, straight 70’s rock, blues, and jubilation.

Amanaz’s riff laden title track open the album and already sounds familiar in the way that rock riffs often do. In fact, check it out at the 0:46 second mark and amongst the snaking fuzz you’ll hear a riff that is a close cousin to Where Have All The Good Times Gone? (the Van Halen version).

Other great tracks include the folksy Sunday Morning and the fuzz powered Making The Scene.

Closing track Kale is just brilliant: with its mournful opening until it grows into something joyful and lifts up the album one last time before fading to black.

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Track Listing

Side 2
1. Amanaz
2. I Am Very Far
3. Sunday Morning
4. Khala My Friend
5. History Of Man
6. Nsunka Lwendo

Side 2
1. Africa
2. Green Apple
3. Making The Scene
4. Easy Street
5. Big Enough
6. Kale

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