Deap Vally opens for Peaches in Montreal at the SAT


So I found myself in Montreal last night at the Peaches show at the SAT and while Peaches isn’t really my thing, opening act Deap Vally impressed the hell out of me. Not to say that Peaches wasn’t equally impressive. She’s got a shit ton of talent and is actually a blast to watch (vagina costumed dancers, massive inflatable penis, blatant sexual themes etc) Plus, she’s super raunchy and you can’t help but fall under her spell(?) when she starts singing (“dick, balls, dick, dick balls”). You gotta love the depth. (Pun intended!)

So I was pretty happy to see Lindsey Troy gripping a sweet Fender Mustang as she warmed up our eardrums with bluesy badass bass tones, since I was expecting a full-on techno-centric show. I can only describe Deap Vally as the product of the White Stripes meets Death From Above 1979 meets Local H. The two piece band configuration has been successful as of late and Deap Vally pull it off.

This is a live act to not miss if you have the chance. On record (Sistrionix is the only release) their power doesn’t bear down quite as well, but live…killer energy, heavy metal screams and sleazy garage glam wins the day. Oh and deep, deep power chords. Brutally hot.

Montreal, Oct 21, 2015, SAT.

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