Ex Hex’s Ripz Doesn’t Get Old


ex hex ripz coverSomeone asked me the other day what my favorite album of 2015 was and I said, “Rips, by Ex Hex.”

“But that album is from 2014!”
“Well it’s still my favorite album of the year.”

Yeah, I know. Technicalities.

Still, with all of the great music coming out (all the time and hitting you in the ears from every angle), we practically become as desensitized to music as we do to current events. That’s why it’s so special when an album come along to kick you in the face and say, “Hey! Listen to this!” and you do. And you like it. A lot.

You should know by now that Mary Timony is the brainchild behind Ex Hex, even borrowing the name from her own body of work. And Rips is just full of punk tradition-length tracks (under 3 min) that are packed with great riffs, energy and simple kick-ass solos that have Timony’s signature all over them. Check out the leads on the irresistible Beast and Everwhere and you’ll see what I mean. Instant classics.

If you haven’t had a taste of Ex Hex’s brand of power pop/punk goodness, go listen right now. Your day is about to get a lot better. And if you’re already having a great day, you are going to explode.

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Tracks Listing

1.  Don’t Wanna Lose
2.  Beast
3.  Waste Your Time
4.  You Fell Apart
5.  How You Got That Girl
6.  Waterfall
7.  Hot and Cold
8.  Radio On
9.  New Kid
10. War Paint
11. Everywhere
12. Outro



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