Fighting Depression through Yoga

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Winter is a tough time for a lot of people as the seemingly endless months of cold weather and lack of natural sunlight can start to take their toll in the form of melancholy and depression. For many people, the end of winter is actually worse than the beginning of winter due to the cumulative effect of months of cold weather. It can be worse if you don’t really enjoy winter activities such as skiing or skating, or even walking in the cold. This means that many of us end up feeling shut in for months. All this to say that by the end of winter, we’re just fed up, even if spring is just a short month or so away.

It’s not so much that there is a specific yoga sequence that will instantly cure you of depression as there is no silver bullet. It is however the very act of movement and physical activity that will move blood and oxygen through your body and make you feel better overall. some of the main ingredients in starting to feel better overall is to move and breathe. It may sound simple but it’s something that we forget about all the time as we get wrapped up in stress and anxiety. Rule 1 is always to breathe as this will help you to relax.

We found this 40 minute yoga routine very helpful in helping to de-stress and to get you into a mindframe that will keep thoughts and feelings of depression at bay.

If you are more advanced, the following is a more unconventional yogic sequence which can help you if you are suffering from depression:

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