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If you’ve never tried Tony Horton‘s P90X/P90X3 series, you are missing out on some very effective workouts, especially if you want to get in shape. Both P90X and P90X3 are fitness programs that I keep coming back to for the simple reason that they are so very effective for both losing weight and getting fit. Plus, if you follow through the full 90 days, you will get toned and maintain a serious level of overall fitness.

P90X is a 90 day program that will whip you into shape. But don’t stop after 90 days. We’ve mentioned it before when talking about maintaining great posture that one of the hardest things about getting into shape is to actually maintain it once you’ve achieved it. Getting into shape isn’t like just passing an exam or getting a certification. Once you’ve achieved optimum health or physical ability, you need to keep it, keep eating right, keep getting regular exercise. Yeah, it sounds obvious but us humans can easily fall back into back habits so it’s important for us to stay interested in getting and staying fit. Thankfully, Tony Horton is a very intense and engaging guy, which makes the P90X/P90X3 a lot a of fun to go through.

P90X was released through Beachbody way back in 2003 but the methods that Tony uses are still valid. P90X and P90X3 both promote something that they refer to as “muscle confusion”. The idea is that over the 90 days of the program, you are switching up the exercises so regularly that your muscles never adapt and get used to a particular regimen. Think of it like this: you know the first time you go cycling after a very long break and your legs are sore the next day? If you cycle all summer, that soreness probably won’t return. Why? Your muscles adapted. Tony Horton’s regimens won’t give them the chance.

Notes: P90X are 1 hour workouts while P90X3 are 30 min workouts. Most people will go for P90X3 just for the brevity and believe me, 30 minutes is very effective as we know since we are big fans of 15 minute yoga.

Bonus: Free workout

And because Tony is such a standup guy, here’s a free 30 minute workout courtesy of Tony Horton and Beachbody. Enjoy!

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