How to do yoga for free when you can’t afford classes?

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Ok, so this should be a complete no-brainer, but I’ve come across this dilemma myself. I love going to yoga classes and while I know that yoga classes are inherently expensive, there are some very cheap options for when you just can’t afford the membership or to go to individual classes. Yep, times are hard but that should never stop you from working out.

The answer for me, and it has worked really well is none other than YouTube. It might sound ridiculous, but there are so many, many yoga videos on YouTube for exercise and working out that everyone should use this as an option. I’m bringing it up here because while free classes on YouTube are nothing new, we often forget about them as an alternative. Sure, it’s true that a YouTube video can’t recreate the wonderful class atmosphere of doing yoga in real studio surrounded by sweaty, like minded individuals, but it’s a fair option when the cost of a class is prohibitive or you just can’t make it to the studio for whatever reason is blocking you from going.

Some reasons for not going can stem from money (as we pointed out) or just good old fashioned procrastination. That’s why we’re here to remind you that there’s no excuse not to do yoga or any exercise in general. Some exercises require weights or other equipment but yoga is wonderfully portable. You just need a mat and you can do yoga pretty much anywhere. We’ve already listed a bunch of ways to do mini workouts anywhere and while yoga takes a slightly larger commitment, following a 30 minutes yoga video actually takes less time than traveling to a yoga studio. Plus you can do the class in your underwear without anyone judging you. Talk about perks 🙂

So before we list some excellent yoga videos to get you motivated/started, here are some pros and cons to doing online yoga videos:

1. Free!
2. Do as many videos as you want. However, be moderate as you do not want to injure yourself.
3. Choice! Choose the video that appeals to you (just don’t spend 3 hours browsing unrelated YouTube videos).
4. Do yoga when it’s convenient for you.
5. Did I mention that it’s free?

1. You miss out on the class atmosphere.

What do you think? Can you list some of your own Pros and Cons? In the meantime, here are three 30 minute yoga videos that you can do…anywhere, anytime! These yoga videos have got you covered for morning, afternoon and night. Enjoy!

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