Squats, Squats and More Squats

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Every so often I am asked, “what is the most important exercise?” and, while that might be a really loaded question, it really opens up the discussion on what part of your body you should place the most focus on. Putting it another way, if you had to choose just one exercise if you were stuck on a desert island, what would it be? Well, based on the title of this post, I think you already know what I choose.

That’s right: Squats!

Why squats and what is my argument for this favoritism? First of all squats are portable (yes, your body follows you everywhere you go) and can be done anywhere, with minimum movement, minimal time and space required. For example, if you found yourself trapped in an elevator, you can still get some squats in! No excuses! And sure, you can probably do pushups anywhere as well, but I’m really partial to squats because when it comes to your mobility and balance, you need the whole system around your legs to be strong in order to support the rest of your body.

Furthermore, squats work out all of these areas: glutes (yes, your butt), hips, hamstrings, quads as well as strengthening the muscles around your knees. Plus, the added benefit of doing squats regularly is that they will also result in a stronger core, and we all know that it’s about the core. And the squats!

So, now that you know what the most important exercise is, here’s a killer program from Fitness Blender to help you get your squat on:

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