New Series: Tiny Workouts

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Howdy! It’s been quite awhile since our last update.

Unfortunately, a number of new projects and commitments have come my way over the last year that have really taken my focus away from this website. Regardless of your field and whether or not you work for someone or if you’re an entrepreneur, we all know that there are a finite number of hours in every waking cycle/day. It all depends on how you divide that time and which project ends up taking priority over another.

That said, while talking to a friend the other day about the eternal challenge of finding the time to workout, I realized that, regardless of how many projects I have on the go or social commitments lined up, I was still managing to squeeze in “workouts” and maintain a certain level of fitness, although I will admit that like everyone, some days are just harder to pull it off than others.

“So what’s your secret?”, she asked.
I paused for a few seconds and then gave her the one answer she did not want to hear:
“There is none.”
“Oh, come on! Give me something I can work with.”
“Well, it’s not really a secret but more of a…” I paused. “I know you hate the word…”
“Ugh. Don’t tell me. A lifestyle?”
“Well, yeah I guess you can stick healthy living under the lifestyle umbrella if you want but I’m talking more about healthy triggers that help me find ways to squeeze in tiny workouts whenever I can.”
“Like where?”
“Like in the kitchen, while the coffee is brewing. Or while masking toast.”

Creating workout time out of thin air

So I asked her, “How long does it take to make toast?”
“Depends on how dark you like it?”
“Wrong! The answer is 20 pushups. Now tell me, how long does it take to make a cup of espresso?”
“30 seconds…? I’m wrong, right?”
“Yes you are. The answer is, you can do a 30 second plank in that time.”
“I think I’m starting to get it…”

And that, in a nutshell, is what we’re talking about: finding the time to squeeze in a very quick workout. If you don’t want to call it a workout, call it movement. It doesn’t matter. We often think of a workout that icludes running shoes, workout clothes and sweaty limbs. In the end, it doesn’t matter when or where or how. It only matters that you do it. We all know that it’s a cliche, but after awhile, these little sets of movements will add up and count for something in the long run. We’ll get to the details once we start the series but in the meantime, try to think about where and when you can find some time to place a trigger or habit and squeeze in a small, effective workout.

See you next time!


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