Seratones hit it out of the garage with ‘Necromancer’

seratones louisiana
Photo credit goes to Jordan Poorman at Post Modern Photography

This month, Louisiana band Seratones released a video for their rocking new single called Necromancer, and when I say rocking, I mean they blow the door right off the garage. The Seratones are a mix of funk, punk and no frills rock and roll and they’re on Fat Possum Records. (If you don’t know Fat Possum and you’re into to roots and blues, check out their other artists). I find so much great stuff on this record label and if you like music at all, you will too!

Seratones are the kind of band that, when you first hear them, your ears perk up because vocalist  AJ Haynes has something really special going on.  She has the kind of voice that really just brings presence to a song and she can really belt it out when she needs to. (Check out Don’t Need It for more Seratones goodness).

So here’s the aforementioned Necromancer. Listen to this and then go and check out the rest of their songs/videos. This is a rare band that is great on record and who I suspect will be even better live. I’m sold.

Buy it from Fat Possum Records
Seratones BandCamp
Seratones on Facebook

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