Staying Fit is Great but Where Do Snacks Fit In?

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Snacks. They fill the gap between your regular meals. But not all snacks are created equal and if you’re not careful, that supplementary snack can mutate into something called meals 4, 5 and 6. Or, if you’re really not careful, the wrong snack will sap your energy and potentially sabotage a workout (looking at you, chips and sodas). So when it comes to snacks, you should always make healthy choices: choose apples over chocolate bars and carrots over donuts.  Craving a bag of chips? Slap that hand and pick up a bag of nuts or seeds instead. Seriously, when it comes to snacks, fruits and vegetables are always your friends. Don’t like vegetables? Too bad. If you want to get healthy and stay in shape, vegetables are part of the equation.

With all of that said, we came across this very helpful and informative video from Tony Horton aka one of our absolute favorite fitness gurus and motivators. If you ever find yourself stuck on the couch or having trouble motivating yourself to walk, run or workout, take an extra 3 minutes (but no more, ok?) and get familiar with Mr. Horton’s take on staying fit, eating right and getting (and staying) healthy.

In this video, Tony Horton lays out some great tips on not just snacks, but getting yourself in the mindset of planning ahead. Yes, when it comes to snacks, you need to come prepared with a contingency plan. If you’re already planning on traveling and spending all day in airports and airplanes, don’t get caught between a Burger King and crappy airline food. Think about your nutrition and set out the day before and prepare a snack bag or make some sandwiches. Make a contingency plan and prepare yourself for the unexpected the same way you might buy insurance for your house.

Check out Tony’s hints here and I’ll bet you will come away from this video a little wise rand with a smile on your face:

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