The Dead Weather are Back With Dodge and Burn


dodge and burn coverIt’s a good sign when a song gets stuck in your head after just one listen, so yeah, I’ve been walking around with the groovy riff from opening track I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) on cerebral repeat. It’s catchy stuff, but as we also like to say, “beware the earworm”, because yeah, song fatigue is a real thing too.

Dodge and Burn is a solid album, with plenty of homage paid to 70’s boogie-porn rock (if that’s even a thing) while still feeling contemporary and at home and steeped in modern punk and classic cock-rock. In fact, instead of trying to find the appropriate box for The Dead Weather , let’s just call them a Rock and Roll band. Even songs like Three Dollar Hat, which are vehicles for Jack White (looking bat-shit crazy intense on the album cover) to slip in some rap, give in to the power of the rawk, and it works.

Where Dodge and Burn really  succeeds for me though is on songs like Cop and Go and Buzzkill(er) which really let Alison Mosshart belt it out. Impossible Winner aka “the ballad” is already prepped as a probable single while flirting with the most popular chord progression in the world and time-tested hooks.

There are plenty of decent songs on Dodge and Burn, but I think they would probably translate best in a live setting. Unfortunately The Dead Weather isn’t planning on a tour anytime soon, so we’ll have to settle for the digital experience.

Track Listing

1. “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”
2. “Buzzkill(er)”
3. “Let Me Through”
4. “Three Dollar Hat”
5. “Lose The Right”
6. “Rough Detective”
7. “Open Up”
8. “Be Still”
9. “Mile Markers”
10. “Cop and Go”
11. “Too Bad”
12. “Impossible Winner”

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