There’s always time for 15 Minute Yoga

15 Minute Yoga, Yoga

We’ve been talking alot about finding ways to fit in workouts when you don’t have time and this yoga video is a great example and continuation of that line of thought. The key is understanding that there’s always time for a workout. There’s no need for bargaining or trying to convince yourself. Just KNOW that you can always do some kind of workout whether you have 5 minutes or 15 minutes to spare.

This 15 minute power yoga video is the perfect example of what you can accomplish in a workout with a limited amount of time at your disposal. In fact, this 15 minute yoga seems much longer than the advertised 15 minutes because Candace packs in so much material (and efficiently so) in that small time frame. Check it out and trust me, you will be challenged. Just don’t push yourself if you’re not experienced with some of these poses. This workout is ideal for the intermediate practitioner:


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