This website has a brand new favicon


That’s right. This website has a brand new favicon and we spent a total of 10 minutes on it. Can you tell by the quality?

Sure, branding your website is very important but this website is between a 1 and 3 person show at any given time, and no one has time for anything since we all have day jobs. Ok fine. It’s just me. The point is, we want to spend more time writing and less time on website maintenance. Is that detrimental to the quality of the content? We hope not.

Anyway. It’s really easy to create a favicon and these days, you barely need to do any work on your side besides coming up with a logo/image.

First, we decided to go super ghetto by just sticking our initials on top of a stock photo of a planet.
Secondly, there are some parameters to respect in regards to favicons, namely, the size and format:  16×16 or 32×32 in png format. But before you start wasting your time with Gimp or PhotoShop editing and resizing images (ok, you may need to do some editing), check out favic-o-matic and get your favicon generated automatically, in about 5 seconds.

Once your image is ready, upload it to favic-o-matic and they’ll do all the hard work by giving you a nice convenient favicon package to download. One you’ve uploaded your shiny new favicon to your web root folder, clear your browser cache, refresh and that’s it! You should then see your sexy new favicon in your browser tab. Nice.

Now if only we could come up with a good logo!

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