This Week’s 7 Minute Workout


Happy Monday everyone! Did you have time to workout or go to the gym on the weekend? Did you think about it but procrastinated instead? If you procrastinated or thought about going to the gym for 5 minutes or more, then you have time to do this easy, no frills 7 minute workout from Passion 4 Profession Inc. This video features 12 different exercises in just 7 minutes which goes to show just how much you can accomplish in the amount of time it takes to convince yourself not to workout or go to the gym. We keep our posts brief so you can get right on with working out so you can get on with your day with that sense of accomplishment. Now stop reading and workout!

12 Exercises in 7 Minutes

Here’s a list of the exercises that you will find in this no-frills 7 minute workout and ares of the body that you will be working on:

Jumping Jacks – Cardio
Wall Sit – Core, lower back, quads.
Push-ups – Arms and back
Abdominal Crunches – abs and core
Step Ups – Calves and quads
Squats – Glutes
Tricep Dips – Triceps and lats
Plank – Abs and core
High Knees/Running in place – Cardio
Forward Lunges – Hips/Hamstrings
Pushups/Side Rotation – Arms and core
Side Plank – Core

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