Tripping on Demon Fuzz


demon fuzz afreaka coverAfter a serious lifting session at the gym the other night, me and my workout buddies stopped by the local pub for some protein heavy dinner and a Guinness. Let me just say tbat there was one hell of a trippy vibe, thanks to Afreaka. There we were just shooting some pool when these poly-rhythmic  beats came on that had some echos of eastern/african influence. There were horns, guitar and flute (so 60’s/70’s) and I swear I missed my next shot when some of those wild chord progressions kicked in.

We didn’t know what the hell we were listening to, but we definitely liked it!

I could have asked the barmaid or even peered over at the monitor to see what they were playing (they regularly just play songs on YouTube) but I opted to let Shazam do the grunt work.

Turns out they were playing the full album Afreaka by Demon Fuzz, and man, is it ever a deep, deep 70’s masterpiece. Paddy Corea’s arrangements just take you on a trip to the point where you don’t just hear this album aurally but practically feel a magical shag rug  between your toes.

The album opens with Past, Present and Future, which has a very reminiscent feel to Flower Traveling Band‘s Satori Part I (which actually came out a year later). However, the first song that really made caught my ear was Another Country with its changing rhythms and jazz/funk breaks before morphing into a groovy trance led by Corea’s sax solo before wandering back to the main motif. Great stuff to experience for the first time so instead of trying to figure out how to describe this incredible album, just go give it a listen now.

Bonus: This playlist includes Demon Fuzz’s interpretation of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell on You. Worth the price of admission:

If you like this album, Buy It!

Track Listing

1. Past, Present and Future
2. Disillusioned Man
3. Another Country
4. Hymn to Mother Earth
5. Mercy (Variation No. 1)
6. I Put a Spell on You
7. Message to Mankind
8. Fuzz Oriental Blues

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