Very relaxing music for meditation and yoga


Music is a very,very subjective thing. One day you might be crazy about a particular song and the next day you may just not be in the mood for it. The same goes for having music playing while you meditate or do yoga or any kind of exercise in fact. Some people like working out with music while others prefer to exercise in silence. Personally, I enjoy hearing some music during yoga classes and meditation but I prefer to hear the natural sounds of the city while jogging or even the cacophony of the gym instead of using headphones. What it comes down to of course, is personal preference and taste.

We came across this absolutely amazing three hour (3 hours!) piece of relaxing music by Mrm Team. If relaxing music helps get you in the meditation zone or you just need to lull your crying babies to sleep, you should check it out. We actually have it on while we’re writing this post and it is indeed, very, very relaxing and peaceful, just as advertised. Enjoy:

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