Weekly Music for Meditation and Relaxation


For this week’s long meditation session, we had Jason Stephenson‘s Tranquility: Meditation Sleep Music for deep sleep, rest and relaxation playing softly in the background. This is a very long piece so essentially you can start it from the beginning or middle or whenever you want. It’s immersive so it’s really up to you how you wish to set the mood.

It’s true that not everyone enjoys having music playing while they meditate or do yoga as this remains a personal preference. However, this 3 hour piece (!) will be sure to calm your nerves and help you to clear your mind, even if you’re already relaxed. The music itself is slightly more active than I usually allow for myself but for today’s practice, the combination of gentle string plucking and hang drums was perfect. Indeed, music is so very subjective and personal that some days one motif will work and other days you may just need complete silence to help get you deeper into your personal zone. Enjoy:

This track is also available through iTunes.

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