Wilco – Star Wars


wilco star wars coverThere’s something very confident and highly un-pretentious about calling your album “Star Wars”, and I’m almost 100% certain that when Jeff Tweedy made the suggestion, someone in the room laughed beer right out their nose. But it succeeds because it’s not trying too hard and more so, it’s as if they didn’t try at all, which is kind of beautiful and freeing.

A jarring chord introduces EKG which also sounds a lot like the boys are “not trying”, but as the track progresses (it’s only 1:15 long) Glenn Kotche‘s solid back beat reigns in the chaos and brings sanity back to the fore. When More…starts up, its contrast with the previous track seems to accentuate its dreaminess.

Random Name Generator kicks in with what I can only assume is Nels Cline‘s familiar tone (I always assume that all leads belong to Nels but I could be so wrong) and without listening too closely to the lyrics, I want to somehow believe that maybe Jeff and the gang did spend too much time trying to come up with a cool name for the album before throwing their hands up and saying, “Fuck it! Let’s call it Star Wars!”

That said, Star Wars is full of great tracks. And at only 30 minutes, most of the songs are short and sweet but packed with so many great musical ideas while sticking to some common threads that weave their way throughout the album.

Standout tracks: Random Name Generator, You Satellite, Pickles Ginger, Cold Slope, Magnetized….ok, so pretty much the whole album is great!

Track Listing
1. “EKG” 1:15
2. “More…” 2:44
3. “Random Name Generator” 3:49
4. “The Joke Explained” 2:33
5. “You Satellite” 5:16
6. “Taste the Ceiling” 3:15
7. “Pickled Ginger” 2:29
8. “Where Do I Begin” 2:54
9. “Cold Slope” 3:11
10. “King of You” 2:41
11. “Magnetized” 3:40

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