Winter is Coming, so get ready for dry skin!


What’s happening fellow northern hemisphere homies? No, this has nothing to do with Game of Thrones but with Winter on its way, so too, is dry skin. I personally love the Winter season for the fact that I get to go skiing, but with the combination of cold air and dry heat my skin ends up looking like a Westerosian battlefield!

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. This is just a recap of what works for my dry skin, especially during the winter months. Also, if you’re buying any prescription products online, you should consult with your doctor/dermatologist first.

I’ve always dealt with a certain amount of eczema but the older I get, the more I seem to battle it. And it’s not always in the same place either. One season I had dry elbows, while one winter was spent trying very hard not to scratch the backs of my thighs. Holy crap. You know when scratching brings so much relief, but you know you’re going to pay with redness and possibly bleeding. Then you’re stuck with at least another week of trying to heal the area, but the cycle continues.

The solution to dry skin is tricky. It can depend on a number of factors such as your skin type and environment. Below I’m going to talk about a few skin care items that have been recommended to me and which ones worked best to keep my own eczema under control.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is naturally hydrating and I have a few friends who swear by it for both skin and hair. Personally, it burns my skin and a little research shows that I’m not the only one. It just doesn’t work for me no matter whether I put it on dry skin or wet.

organic coconut oil

Aquaphor (by Eucerin) – Original Formula or Original Cream. I just switched to the cream format and it’s very, very good. The Original formula is a lot like Vaseline (it’s petroleum based) and should be applied after showering. I’ve been happy with the cream version and find that it works whether my skin is wet or dry. It also relieves the itch, so when my skin begins to itch, I reach for this cream and make sure I do not scratch while applying it. I know, the hardest thing about dry skin is resisting the urge to scratch it!
aquaphor original formula

HydrovalHydroval is a corticosteroid and is only available by prescription. Since it’s a corticosteroid, it should be used sparingly. It works well and helped me to get a severely dry red patch of skin under control.

Aveeno – (natural colloidal oatmeal) – Everyone’s familiar with Aveeno and there are quite a fe variants of their products to be found at your local pharmacy. The one that worked best for me is the colloidal oatmeal one which is the one I refer to as “the one in the green bottle”. This one is great to maintain soft skin once the real raw/redness has gone away. I use this one for daily maintenance and I like it because it’s fragrance free. In my opinion, you should always choose fragrance free products.

aveeno body colloidal oatmeal

With that said, I’m ready to go to battle against dry skin this winter. How do you deal with dry skin?

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