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Happy New Year everyone! It happens every year at this time: January  hits and people’s resolutions are in full swing, resulting in packed gyms. We don’t put a lot of stock in resolutions since we opt more for a more continual approach to fitness and working out, which is also known as consistency and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So while it’s all about keeping the ball rolling, you do need to keep yourself interested and motivated to achieve your goals or maintain the level of fitness that you want.

Came across this excellent video from Hudson White from The Buff Dudes and while your goal ultimate goal may not be to get ripped AF, his advice is solid when it comes to combining nutrition with your workouts. Also, take progress pics. Why? Because we have terrible memories when it comes to what we see in the mirror. Check it out:

Why am I Still Fat If I Go To The Gym Everyday?

I’ve heard this and witnessed this so many times and, have been victim to it myself. The main problem is that for most people hit the gym for regular workouts without thinking about nutrition at all. This is so important as we often forget to look at our caloric intake. What we can do in this case is to figure out how many calories we need in a day for our given Age, body type and activity level and then start keeping track of what we eat. Thankfully, there are some great apps that will help you track of what you eat so you can easily know if you’ve hit your caloric limit for the day.

The first thing you’ll need to do is calculate your TDEE aka Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This will calculate and show you how many calories you need per day.

Check out TDEE calculator and My TDEE. They are both free online tools and can be found here:

TDEE Calculator

Once you know your TDEE, you can go in two directions: Lose weight or gain weight.

For example, if your TDEE  = 2,800 calories, consider cutting your calories by a few hundred calories per day. Want to bulk up? Up your caloric intake.

Is it that simple? No, of course not. You still need to also maintain a healthy balance of protein, carbs and fat and figure out what works for you.

This is where apps like myfitnesspal and Lose It! come in. These are calorie counting apps that will make your life very easy when it comes to (obviously) counting calories. These apps will help you keep track of everything you are putting into your mouth so that you will know if you’re on the right track. The science isn’t perfect, but it is a huge boost in the right direction.

Get myfitnesspal for Android and for iOS
Get Lose it! for Android and  iOS:

Consistency, Consistency, and More Consistency

Finally, we’ve said it before and we won’t hesitate to say it again: When it comes to convincing yourself not to go to the gym YOU are possibly your own worst enemy and the greatest obstacle that you will face. You need to push through the procrastination and just show up and be consistent. Staying consistent is not always easy and also presents a pretty big challenge it is also paramount to your success.

When you start a new routine, the first day is usually the hardest as well as the second day, but by the 3rd and 4th, it doesn’t get easier per se, but what will be happening is that you will be planting the seeds of routine establishment, or simply put: taking a good habit and building upon it.

Side Note: Saying this actually reminds me ALOT about what it was like to quit smoking (and fail repeatedly) over 10 years ago. I learned that the first few days without cigarettes were the worst and that I would always fail after the 2nd or 3rd day. Once I recognized this, I used it to my advantage and expected day 3 to kick my ass. Once I got past that, I was able to keep going, eventually kicking the habit completely.

So, expect working out to be hard. Expect it to be boring. Expect to see no visible results for at least 3 weeks. Expect all of that while staying consistent, and soon enough, you will see results. Have fun and enjoy creating the YOU that you want to be. Good luck!



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