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People often ask if yoga can improve your posture. While doing yoga regularly definitely does not hurt, many forms of exercise in general, while paired with some mindfulness, can help with back pain while improving and promoting good posture in people of all ages. There is sometimes a preconception about “yoga people” that is sort of similar to how people imagine dancers to be: i.e., naturally lithe and flexible and of course, always sporting great posture. In some cases, people naturally do have great posture and perhaps, thanks to some predisposition, might gravitate towards activities like yoga and dance. However, to get great posture and maintain it, you have to work at it, with core exercise and a healthy dose of mindfulness. The mindfulness comes in handy for actually maintaining good posture (avoid slouching for one), which takes as much work as it does to achieve it. Hey, no one ever said it would be easy.

So the short answer to the question of whether or not yoga can improve you posture, the answer is ‘yes’, but in the same way that exercise and strengthening your core can improve your posture. You just need to work at strengthening your core, be mindful of the times when you may be slouching or sitting in a way which may not be ideal for your back and spine, and avoid injury by listening to your body and not pushing yourself. To get you started, this excellent 35 minute posture-centric yoga video has some great poses to help you get into a great posture mindset.

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