Yoga For Your Abs: It’s All About Core Strength

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We’re back with some core strength workouts and now that it’s Spring (almost Summer) it should be even easier to fit these energy laden workouts into your schedule. Remember: working out is like insurance for tomorrow. The effort you put in today will be insurance for body tomorrow.

Focusing on core strength, this 50 minute yoga flow from Tim Senesi is a great sequence to follow if you want to really feel it in your abdominal muscles. The sequence is slow and methodical and we felt fantastic by the end. Highly recommended.

If you don’t have an hour for yoga at your disposal, We have Tony Horton with an ab workout that is a riff on his 15 minute killer ab program aka Ab Ripper X. This workout is short, fast, furious, and will leave you writhing in pain…but with spectacular abs. Thanks guys.

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