Yoga For Your Cold, Stuffy Nose and Sinuses

15 Minute Yoga, Health

If you’re amongst our friends living in the Northern Hemisphere of our fair planet, you are probably acutely aware that the end of winter is in sight. You might also be suffering from a classic winter flu or common cold. By the end of winter, many people have been through several colds or at the very least one very annoying one, depending on their exposure. And while the best remedy for any kind of serious flu or cold is usually to just to rest and drink plenty of fluids, there is still some gentle yoga practice available that you can do to release the discomfort in your sinuses and to hopefully alleviate some of your cold symptoms.

A brief warning: If your cold is very serious (chest or sinus infection) you may want to check with your doctor first. You should never push yourself more than your body will allow but if you have a minor sinus and stuffy nose symptoms, these yoga sequences can help you to breathe and open the chest.

This brief yoga session with AJ from Mind Body Soul has some gentle but effective sequences to help with your stuffy nose and/or sinuses.

Some poses you will find in the above yoga for colds and sinuses video:
Child’s pose (Bālāsana)
Downward Dog (Adho mukha śvānāsana)
Upward Dog (Urdhvamukha shvanasana)
Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)
Bow pose (Dhanurasana)
Forward bend (Uttanasana)

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