Yoga makes me happy

Personal Development, Yoga

It’s been a tough year, which is why I haven’t written anything in quite some time.

Late last year I burnt out on writing about music (it didn’t take long for that to happen) which was a little ambitious to begin with seeing how my spare time was limited. I give full kudos to people who can write about music full time. It takes time, dedication and a real love of music to actively listen to it and regularly write solid critiques about it.

After losing a friend at the beginning of the year, things just became fuzzy. Sadness, depression and an experience of aimlessness in trying to find a way to deal with the loss. Throw in a case of burnout into the mix and and you can actually see the productivity dry up before your eyes. It will get better, I know, but it’s hard NOW and that’s the reality we need to face things head on. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by an excellent and positive-minded support group in the form of friends and family.

So tonight, I decided to forge forward and look through YouTube for “nighttime” yoga and settled on a 20 minute yoga video to relax and stretch to. After 10 minutes of  stretching and breathing, I really started to feel great. I felt a real mix of happiness and sadness, which I guess some might define as joy. Just, yoga, which I forget sometimes for months, always brings me back to center and reminds me how good it feels and that life still is beautiful.


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