Yoga, meditation and the past year

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Personally, this past year has been entirely year filled with reflection due to major changes and personal loss. While December is often a time for reflection for the simple fact that it’s positioned at the end of the year, some years may be more eventful than others, causing us to reflect more deeply for whatever the reason. Of course, everyone reflects differently and the method you choose will depend entirely on the individual’s preference and comfort level.

Over the course of the past year, I turned more and more to meditation for relaxation and reflection and yoga to maintain strength of body. I’ve done various forms of yoga over the past 15 years including Ashtanga, Hatha and Jivamukti, sometimes consistently and other times leaving it entirely to focus on other types of physical activity such as cycling or hiking. However, the meditation is always there in some way (i.e., while cycling or hiking). So, after recently discovering some interesting practitioners of meditation such as Wim Hof and others, I’ve found a new focus and interest to delve deeper into some of these forms. Now the Wim Hof method is still fairly extreme for myself but it does draw on some Tummo breathing methods as well as Kundalini yoga.

So while looking for some introduction to Kundalini yoga, I found that the following 30 minute Kundalini video was really helpful, and promotes a balanced introduction and approach to breathing and meditation:

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