Yoga Sequences That Your Libido Will Love

30 Minute Yoga, Yoga

Your body loves exercise and will generally perform better in just about every way when you are healthy and fit. We know that running and jogging can be great for your cardiovascular system while lifting weights will help to build muscle mass as well as promote an increase in bone density. With yoga, there are myriad poses and postures that can help you get fit while also helping with a wide variety of ailments. The beauty of yoga is that while this ancient practice has a very wide scope, certain poses and sequences are practically tailor made to target very specific muscle groups. The muscle groups that we’re focusing on today have to do with our overall libido, and while yoga has been known to greatly help with overall sexual health just by the default act of getting you fit and in shape, certain poses home right in and focus on the sexual chakras that can enhance and kickstart an otherwise sleepy sex drive.

The video below demonstrates several of these libido boosting yoga poses and you’ll notice that much of the focus is around the pelvic area. Butterfly poses, abdominal twists as well as pelvic lifts and forward bends all come together to calm you, and at the same time, stimulate the body and the areas that our sexual health and libido depends on.

Check out the following yoga sequence to help with your libido, or if you just want to follow a short, but intense yoga workout:

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