Yoga to Help You Unwind in Under 10 Minutes

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Being stressed out is no fun and we sometimes find ourselves in a psychological space where we spend more time being stressed out than we do actually taking steps to deflate and defuse that very same stress and anxiety that is occupying our mind and body.

If you’re stressed out due to relationships, money, your job, not having a job, the weather, your neighbors, traffic, politics or whatever the reason, you should still be able to find the time (less than 10 minutes) to follow some of the sequences in the following yoga video with Adriene. And if you can’t find the time, make the time (because you deserve it). This is an easy, no frills sequence that anyone can follow with the key word being easy, which make this less of a challenging sequence and more of a fun and casual approach to get you centered and grounded.  So with that said, take your time, relax, and most importantly, breathe.

Remember: This is all about increasing movement and blood flow and your body and mind will be much happier when they are in motion and not stagnating. You will feel much better after just 10 minutes, guaranteed. Stretch, breathe and enjoy!

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